Reopening Procedures

Since the spring of 2020, our policies at the club have been guided first and foremost by guidelines issued by the CDC and, at times, the Iowa Department of Public Health. Even though our business was certainly not set up with the idea that we’d be hosting shows with a 30% capacity, asking people to mask up while also trying to sell them drinks, we also didn’t feel comfortable hosting people in our space without stringent policies in the middle of a pandemic before vaccines were available.
Given the remarkable development of several vaccine options here in the United States and the increasing availability of those vaccines here in Iowa over the last couple of months, we have been feeling better and better about moving forward at the club. 
Following the announcement from the CDC that vaccinated individuals need not wear masks outside of very specific instances, our policies are as follows:
– All tables are spaced with six feet between parties
–  Check-ins begin an hour before the show starts to limit time in close proximity to people outside of your party.
– All tables, glassware, and menus are fully sanitized between guests.
 Tickets are sold by table instead of individually. For example, you may reserve a table that seats up to four guests. This will help avoid guests sitting with other patrons they did not arrive with.
Beginning May 20, masks will be required when moving around the space but optional at tables once seated. We will be maintaining our capped attendance at approx. 35%, so social distancing will remain the same.

Beginning the first week of June, we will make masks optional all-around for both customers and staff. Again, we will be maintaining our cap on attendance.

Following our last show of July, the club will be shutting down through August in order to hire and train new staff in preparation for our full re-opening. Following Labor Day, our plan is to open the club back up at full capacity. 

Thank you again for your time and support. I cannot tell you how excited all of us are to be moving finally in a consistent positive direction. It will be my privilege to host you at Noce as soon as you are comfortable heading our way.
With Gratitude,
Max Wellman
General Manager & Co-Founder

If you purchased a gift card and would like to redeem it for tickets, please give us a call at (515)244-5399 during our box office hours (Thursday – Saturday, 12 – 3 PM) so we may process that for you.