Private Events

Backstage, our beautifully renovated private event room, is one of the most stunning rooms to host your next special event –– whether it’s an intimate 20-person dinner or a raucous wedding or party. With 2,500 square feet to work with, our preferred partner Party On Des Moines will create the perfect setting for your event. Have someone else in mind? No worries, we can arrange for that!

Event Manager Kristen Meyers is at your disposal for all your private event needs. Email to make an inquiry or set up a tour!

$1,200 – Backstage Mon – Thurs $1,950 – Backstage Fri – Sat $1,500 – Backstage Sunday $2,850 – Split-Building Fri – Sat

$4,850 – Full Building Fri – Sat $2,850 – Full Building Sun – Thurs $2,850 – Front Space Sun – TuesCapacity: 180 seated, up to 250 standing

Backstage at Noce Event Space FAQ

A few fun-facts about the space:

Noce is located in a historic neighborhood that used to feature many auto factories & warehouses, including this very building, which has been completely renovated & restored. Original hardwood, exposed brick, large natural windows, and a large chalkboard wall are just some of the features that make this space a unique and a beautiful option for your event. The space is approx. 2,500 square feet and can comfortably accommodate up to 180 seated guests*

*For larger events, a full-building rental may be possible accommodating over 300 people. Current capacity is 75 guests in the Backstage, 50 guests in the Front. This capacity will stay in place until a vaccine is available/the pandemic is over.

Q: What is your capacity?

A: Current capacity is 75 guests in the Backstage, 50 guests in the Front. This capacity will stay in place until a vaccine is available/the pandemic is over.

Q: Do you have tables and chairs?

A: Noce has approximately 25 short round cocktail tables, 3 tall cocktail tables, and 100 folding chairs. These are free to use at your discretion and are included with your rental fee.

Q: What are your hours?

A: Our typical rental window is between 9am and midnight. Anything brought in, including all catering and decor must be removed the same night.

* If you use the tables and chairs Noce has on hand, our staff will tear down for you. If rented out, your vendor must make arrangements to pick up after the event, i.e. same night pick up.

Q: What are your fee(s) to rent the space?


  • $1200 Backstage (Mon-Thurs)
  • $1950 Backstage (Fri-Sat)
  • $1500 Backstage (Sunday)
  • $2850 Front Space (Sun-Tues)
  • $2850 Split-Building (Fri-Sat) backstage all day, front space up to 5 hours
  • $2850 Full Building (Sun-Thurs) varied availability with show schedule
  • $4850 Full Building (Fri-Sat) varied availability with show schedule

Q: What additional amenities does Noce offer?

A: Noce offers several unique amenities to create an atmosphere unique to you:

    • Full-wall chalkboard use and cleaning $150
    • Chalk Artist Costs Vary Fee(s) vary dependent on the scale of the artwork. Curious what that looks like? Check out our gallery!
  • Sound Technician Costs Vary — the beauty of renting from a performance venue is the access to skilled sound technicians. If one is required, they must be contracted through Noce.
  • Valet Parking Costs Vary Keck Parking provides Valet Parking for your guests. To arrange this service, call 515-244-5325.

Q: What does your rental fee include?

A: to ensure quality service, Noce includes the following for all rentals:

  • Bar Staffing as needed, up to 2 Bartenders.
  • Bar stocking and set-up — have a special label, spirit, or cocktail you’d like to enjoy at your event? Let us know and we’ll do our best to provide!
  • Cleaning of the space upon guest departure * Does not include tables, chairs or items brought in by the renter, which must be removed night-of.
  • Access to our sound equipment (with auxiliary hookup) * For a technician to run sound for your guests, see additional amenities tab. 

Q: What are my catering options?

A: Noce has a wonderful relationship with Tangerine Food Co. Enjoy someone else’s work? You are more than welcome to use any licensed caterer. This is your event and there is no penalty or fee for using another vendor.

Q: What can I do for parking?

A: Parking is metered on the street until 9 pm. Typically, there is not an issue finding open parking in the immediate area. The Nationwide ramp at 12th and Walnut (just a block to the east) is open to public, and free after 6 pm on weeknights and all day Saturdays/Sundays.

For a more VIP experience, Keck Parking provides Valet Parking for your guests. To arrange this service, call 515-244-5325.

Q: How do I cover my liquor costs for the event?

A: Unless stated in your contract, there are no bar minimum requirements. All beverages must be hosted by Noce. Outside alcohol/beverages are not permitted of any kind. You have a few options when it comes to covering liquor for your event.

    • Option # 1: Hosted Bar  Specify the amount you’d like to host your bar up to (pre-arranged dollar amount or quantity of beer/wine) and we can accommodate that amount before switching to a cash bar for the remainder of the evening.
    • Option #2: Cash/Credit Bar  Your guests pay for their drinks as they consume them.
    • Option #3: Running Tab  We can work with you prior to select specific beer, wine and spirits available to your guests. We will keep a running tab and settle at the end of the night with you.
  • Option #4: Ticket Method  A popular choice these days! Give your guests 1 ticket (or more if you decide) to cover initial drinks, with cash-bar available after.

*Any hosted tabs will include an automatic 20% Gratuity. This includes any events where a special label not typically stocked would occur. All tabs hosted or individual, must be settled the same night with a card.

Want to see more? Let’s set something up!

* Make an appointment with our Events Coordinator, Kristen Meyers, at to set up a tour and fall in love with our beautiful space.