the kind folk quartet

April 29 7PM

Friday April 29 at 7PM
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Since its inception in 2014, Kind Folk, comprised of trumpeter/flugelhornist John Raymond, alto saxophonist Alex LoRe, bassist Noam Wiesenberg, and drummer Colin Stranahan, has endured against all odds to create poignant, thoughtful music.

After a series of impromptu sessions in a small Brooklyn apartment followed by a string of performances in New York, the group recorded and released their debut album “Why Not” on Fresh Sound Records in 2018. Being called “a new jazz supergroup” (Something Else), the album was praised by critics as “a selfless statement of the highest order” (All About Jazz). 

The group reconvened in New York for a week in June 2021. Each of the musicians contributed new compositions to rehearsals in Wiesenberg’s apartment, picking up seamlessly where they left off. After recording the music the following day and mixing and mastering the album a few days later, a new artistic statement for the group was documented. Their new album, “Head Towards The Center,” explores a reflection of themes born out of the changing tides the global pandemic brough: longing, joy, heartache, and hope. Beyond this, the album showcases the resilience of the group and their tenacity to continue creating despite their collective circumstances. More than ever, it’s clear that the whole of Kind Folk is greater than the sum of its parts.


May 7 7PM

Saturday May 7 at 7PM
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"Joyann Parker is a brassy, bluesy belter who wears her heart on her sleeve, tempting devils and angels alike to join the party.”
— Downbeat Magazine

Joyann Parker has been a steadily rising star on the Midwest music scene, and with the release of her critically-acclaimed solo debut record, “Hard To Love,” she is now bringing her full range of talent as an accomplished singer, pianist, guitarist and songwriter to national and international stages. Joyann's rootsy, genre-blending sequel, "Out of the Dark," was released on February 12, 2021 and debuted at #11 on the Billboard Blues Chart and #1 on the NACC Radio chart. 

vocalist andrew walesch

May 20 + 21 7PM

Friday + Saturday May 20 + 21 at 7PM
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Like a good many before him, singer and pianist Andrew Walesch somehow manages to encapsulate the sophistication of a cosmopolite and the self-effacing charm of a country boy.

Whether composing and arranging or appearing in settings ranging from solo artist to big band, this Minnesota native kidnaps the Blue Eyes tradition and makes it his own in his jazz-bent Sinatra revue that jams venues all over the Midwest and beyond with a uniquely cross-generational audience.

In his monthly, sold-out shows, Walesch is a traditionalist and an iconoclast rolled into one. His audiences include jazz enthusiasts of a certain age, as well as a younger crowd compelled by his down-home insouciance, and the knowing irreverence of a tried-and-true American nightclub entertainer. 

“Although they are my idols, I don’t attempt to imitate the great pop and jazz artists of the 50’s and 60’s,” says the singer and pianist, “but I go for broke when we do our shows - vocally and musically - which is what they all did best and why they were in a class of their own. I take risks, but I’m from Minnesota, so I’ve got jumper cables in the trunk.”

CHICAGO vocalist petra van nuis

May 20 + 21 7PM

Saturday Jun 25 at 7PM
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Petra van Nuis (pronounced Pay-tra van Nouse) is a Chicago-based jazz vocalist who has been described in Downbeat Magazine as having "a light, gorgeous, and fairly delicate voice...a gift for melody and plenty of rhythmic confidence."  

All About Jazz Magazine calls her music "hauntingly atmospheric and filled with creative substance...poetic, moving and subtly provocative." Famed jazz critic and author of "Singing Jazz" Bruce Crowther says "Van Nuis is not as well known internationally as should be the case although she has a devoted following in Japan. An exceptionally gifted singer, she has a light yet subtly textured sound and is always delightfully melodic....lyrics are clearly very important to her and she delivers them with admirable sincerity."